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"The same man cannot well be skilled in everything, each has his special excellence." - Euripides


Pamela Beatty has been a human resources consultant for the past 15 years. Her total experience of 25 years in organizational consulting, professional development training and human resources includes a broad knowledge of and practice in facilitating change processes, improving interpersonal communication and supporting leaders in implementing their visions for their organizations. Pamela's MA in Management and Organizational Behavior as well as her MA in Consciousness Studies gives her a unique perspective on working with organizations and people. Areas of expertise include team development, executive coaching, employee issues resolution, public speaking and workshop development and delivery.Having worked with a large spectrum of organizations from non-profit to high tech to law enforcement Pamela's experience is broad based. She has worked full-time as an internal consultant for a Fortune 100 company and in human resources for two major airlines.


A sampling of the organizations she has worked with are:

The Clorox Company

Hewlett Packard

Verizon Wireless

San Francisco Sheriff's Department

Wente Family Winery

Packard Bell

Oakland Police Department

Adept Technology

Oakland Raiders



Stevens Hospital

Providence Hospital

Everett Hospital



Pamela has worked as a trainer with the organization that originated the “neutral facilitation” approach to meeting facilitation and with the organization that was one of the first to use video taped feedback in their workshops on public speaking. Pamela is an excellent public speaker, group facilitator and training designer.

Reverend Pamela Beatty

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