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A Catholic religious brother of the congregation of Brothers FIC, a Dutch congregation, John Bongnea is the director for Catholic Health Service for the diocese of Wa, Ghana in the Upper West Region. His first study in Canada was in 2004 - 2005 at the then Okanagan University College (now known as UBCO) for a degree in nursing. John's second study was from 2008 - 2010 for a master's degree in nursing at UBCO. John's connections to the nursing department at UBCO resulted in the university sending nursing students every year to the village of Kaleo in the UWR of Ghana for their practicum.

John oversees fifteen clinics and two hospitals (

These clinics are located in deprived areas and are difficult to reach during the rainy season. However, service delivery is important to achieve the World Health Organization Millennium Development Goals for reducing child mortality and improving maternal health.


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Brother John Bosco Bongnea

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